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Not all heroes wear capes.  Often survivors suffer in silence.


Nor do you or we possess super powers. But together, we can try and help you find and wear yours. We can't promise to fix all your problems but we can listen and if cannot help we will signpost you. Whether you are a man or woman and in need, check out our pages or better still - share our new charity with others?

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Do you need help?

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S|He Stands is a new charity being set up to support and protect careers  of male and female professionals, business people and students, impacted by abuse and harrassment.


Our founders are Yasmin Choudhury and Attika Choudhary.


We are a new British charity set up to fight the double, triple whammy impact survivors often experience of having their professional careers, businesses, startups,  academic livelihoods impacted and derailed after conflict and abuse caused by others.  If that's you, we plan to help.


Employers, HR professionals & volunteers and anyone interested in supporting us,  please check out our 'Support Us?'  page.

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