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Not all heroes wear capes. They are hard to spot.  So many adult survivors suffer in silence.  They can be anyone. From any background.  Rich, poor, white, black, men or women.  If you are in need of help and are the lone hero/ine in your own struggle, reach out.  Together, we can try and help you find and  build a stronger cape. By giving you a hand up.


We can't promise to fix all your problems but we can listen, do all we can to signpost you. Check out our pages and better still - share our new charity with others?  

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Are you a  S|HeStands hero/ine?

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S|HE Stands is a new charity  being launched to support British professionals, sole traders, business owners, self employed and young entpreneurs and changemakers impacted by THAWD - Trauma, Harassment , Abuse, Whistleblowing & Discrimination. We help adult men and women.  At any age.  


Often THAWD can be caused while at home  by "loved" ones.  Even when working or connecting with the support, trade unions and charity sector.  And of course in the business or workplace. at the hands of clients and colleagues.  Such experiences can derail a person's career, business or studies.  And so, S|He Stands was borne to stop that.


Our founder is Yasmin Choudhury, a University graduate and businesswomen, who found very little help existed when reporting her own abuse. She was not believed as she was deemed "well spoken" and a "professional".  And often write about her own experiences on her website.


Our mission is to work specifically to support those who are invisible to charities and have suffered impact on their career or livelihood.  


Trustees, Employers, HR professionals & volunteers and anyone interested in supporting us,  please check out our 'Support Us?' page.

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