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This charity was set up by two professional women: Yasmin Choudhury and Attika Choudhary.  Passionate advocates speaking up on the complexity of tackling harassment in the workplace or in personal lives, which then might impact one's career ambitions.


Currently little to non-existent support exists for professional women and men seeking to protect their income and employment in the midsts of or after suffering domestic abuse or sexual attacks and harrassment.  Post abuse - even less support is available due to Govt funding cuts.


No man or woman should ever have to suffer the double whammy of suffering and/or reporting abuse and harrassment,  which later impacts their income streams,  livelihoods or professional and business careers.


In the UK, one in four women will experince assualt in her lifetime. Minority groups or those with multiple disadvantages are often not reaching their potential due to impact of abuse, which leads to a cycle of complex hardships and poverty.


Please follow us on social media as we set up and launch . We are due to be formalised into a charity.


Yasmin Choudhury - Co-Founder


A London born and bred social start up entreprenuer who won British Muslim Entrepreneur Of The Year in 2016.  


Having spent decades raised as a daughter of an immigrant living atop a curryhouse, within the British Bangladesh community, she entered the City as a PR professional.  Sh then began life as a performer and start up social entrepreneur  of Amcariza and Lovedesh, a new idea to tackle global poverty dedicated to her beloved father.


Today, she is an ardent advocate on issues affecting disadvantaged men and women, seeking to rebuild their lives.



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Attika Choudhary - Co-Founder


Attika is a BBC Journalist who is an advocate on mental health and supporting the rights of disadvantaged.  She met Yasmin whilst on a working trip to Bangladesh and together they found a shared interest in removing the barrriers facing abused men and women. In May 2017 she was the Mayoral Consort for her sister Sophia Choudhary, the youngest female Muslim Mayor for Rushmore Council.  


Forming S|He stands is a personal desire to redress the problems faces by those who may be struggling to stay working or gain employment as well as entering sectors that prove overwhelming while also being a survivor.